Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review

Video Marketing Blaster Review From Real User-Great Video SEO Tools

Product : Video Marketing Blaster

Creator : Vlad and Stoica (also the creator of Lingo Blaster,Live Event Blaster and Video Spin Blaster)

Price : $19.40 (only if you buy through my Bitly Link)

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes. But before you buy,i want you to understand the usage first.



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Clickbank is different to other networks, because the link i share you is not a direct affiliate link, it’s a link to checkout page (the reason why i share link to checkout page instead of direct link is because my link has automatic coupon applied, which allows you to buy at a lowest price as possible). And most of the case, if you have clicked from others’s links and then click on my link, credit still goes to others. In that case, you need to buy from mobile phone, or from difference browser and clear all the cookie from your browser.

Common, i only give bonus access to customers when i have the money, if you are like me, you will feel that same thing.



Presently,we all know the power of video marketing to online bussiness,right. But to profit with your video,you need to get traffic with it.

An advantage of video marketing is that it helps you get both free and advertisement traffic. If you get free traffic,the best way is still ranking on Youtube and Google. In other words,you are optimizing your video to be SEO friendly.
There’s a lot way to get rank such as backlink,live streaming and syndication,etc. But you know,they are not enough,you also need to customize tittle,tags and descriptions.

On the other hand,you always need to track ranking. Once your video ranks,it doesn’t mean that video will continue to rank. Therefore,it’s a time consuming process.

What if you can automate these whole process,it’s great,right. And fortunately,the answer is yes and it’s in a useful software,Video Marketing Blaster. I think many people know Video Marketing Blaster because of its usefulness and very realistic ranking ideas.

Let’s checkout my Video Marketing Blaster review so that you know exactly what inside.

Notes : i’m a real user of Video Marketing Blaster and i even own the Pro version of it.

What is Video Marketing Blaster?

At first,Video Marketing Blaster is a Window desktop software that helps you customize video content for SEO. It has 4 main features : Keywords Research,Auto Generate Tittle,Description,Tags,Competition Analysis and Rank Tracker. Everything is customized for maximum SEO for your Youtube Video.

Who is Video Marketing Blaster For?

  • Of course,video marketer on the internet
  • People who want to get free traffic on both Youtube and Google
  • Especially for local marketer,SEO marketer and launch jacker
  • Live Streamer who want to rank your streaming events for a long term
  • And many more,..

Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review-When you Buy It

After you successfully made an order, this is an email you will see. Note: if you want to request bonus, you can give me the order number.

While this is an email with Login Credentials.

Now, desktop version is no longer available to new buyers. But for old users, they can make a request to migrate into Cloud Version (ask the support team of Blastersuite – not me , please, i don’t have any responsibility for this)

Main Features and Demo of Video Marketing Blaster

Now,i will show you step by step on how to use Video Marketing Blaster so as to customize SEO needed. But before you use,make sure you have Windows. If you are a Mac user,you will need Parallel or install Windows.

1.Keyword Research

The first feature of Video Marketing Blaster is to a keyword research tool. Process is super simple,just add your keywords and then VMB will generate related to that keywords.

Actually,an idea is to add keywords in order to add to your video tittle,descriptions and tags. They are all related keywords besides the focus keyword.

For example,i enter the keyword ZCode System.

Then a list of related keywords appears.

As you can see,there’s a lot keywords and i’m pretty sure that i don’t know additional keywords like these.
Now,pick any keyword you want. If you click Copy to clipboard,as a result,they will appear on Video Details tab.
But if you click Save to file,they will export your chosen keyword on a Notes file.

2.Video Details

This is a nice feature that espcially saves you a lot time and energy. Video Marketing Blaster auto generates Tittle,Description and Tags for maximum SEO.

However,it’s a bad idea if you copy paste all of these. I recommend you to edit something instead of duplicating them. You can add CTA,affiliate link,optin page,Profile,etc but still keep the format in description. Always keep in mind that these descriptions are optimized for maximum SEO.

Besides,you can also generate video details by clicking From Competitors or Semi Automatic.

Here are some example keywords i have tested. Of course,how many keywords it auto generates is highly depended on that keywords. The more specific keywords,the least it generates.

On the other hand,you can add video details from your Custom Templates.


Doing the competiton analysis is super important because if you don’t know them,you can not beat them. But manually analyzing competitors is a time consuming process. Thanks to Video Marketing Blaster,you can save your time.

For example,i enter the keyword Xfunnels and XFunnels Review,these are what i see.

Green color means good SEO for that keywords. But if you see red,yellow or orange,most of these video ranks because they have strong backlinking strategies or large based of subscribers.

4.Rank Tracker

When you post your video or streaming event,it can rank shortly. But it doesn’t mean you can rank it for a long term. In order to make money with Youtube free traffic,you always need to follow your campaign as well as see your rankings.
And of course,it costs you a lot time and energy but thanks to Video Marketing Blaster,you can track your video ranking in 1 place.

Just simply enter the Youtube URL and the keyword,then Video Marketing Blaster will track ranking for you.

As you can see here, my video ranks top on Google and Youtube. Green means the video has great SEO Optimization. As you know, there’s a lot ranking factors such as Backlink, Channel Authority, Engagement, etc.

And that’s all you get inside Video Marketing Blaster in a single time purchase. Of course, it’s worth the price itself.

Video Marketing Blaster Review (Cloud Version)

Due to many illegal download (like Blackhat Sites, Nulled, Cracked Application), the product creator has moved the app into the cloud-based version. This is the members’s area once you login.

1.Keyword Research

At first, you can do Keyword Research for your next Youtube Video Campaign.

You can do as many research as you want. And you can target any languages (no restriction)

With less than 1 minute, the app will generate Keyword Suggestion plus data + recommendation whether to target that Keyword or not.

Here’s an example list as you can see, the beauty from Video Marketing Blaster Pro is that everything is that it can show you the Search Volume and the Competitors.

2.Generate Video Details

This is the best value from Video Marketing Blaser, which will generate recommended Video Titles, Tags & Description for SEO Purpose.

All you have to do is to choose Keyword and Language. To generate even more relevant Video Description, you can add Secondary Keyword.

After that, you can set Money Making URL plus your Social Media Profile. In fact, most videos from experts are all sharing the social media details.

With less than 1 minute, you will see your new Video Description.

At here, you can see the Addon Sentence (to recommend people something)

And some suggested Tags here.

My Video Marketing Blaster Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to bring you a fully understanding about Video Marketing Blaster,i have recorded a full demo and explanation video about it. So,before you buy,make sure you watch this video first to understand the usage and see my ranking proof thanks to this app.

Funnels of Video Marketing Blaster

Like their other products,this funnel is created to sell 5 products of Vlad and Stoica. Here’s the exact funnel in details.

Live Event Blaster is a good combination with VMB, read my LEB review here. Video Spin Blaster is a software that helps you spin 1 video into numerous videos, you can read my VSB review here.

On the frontend account,you can’t spy the backlink of your competitors. If you want that,you may need to buy Video Marketing Blaster Pro.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Video Marketing Blaster through my link. This product is powered by Jvzoo so that after you buy,you will have immediate access to my bonuses. Of course,i won’t offer cheap PLR bonus as always.

7.Pin Image Grabber

8.EZ Video Trimmer

9.Bulk Image Editor

 Pros of  Video Marketing Blaster

  • Affordable Front End Price and absolutely No Recurring Fee on the Funnel
  • Easy to use and Manage
  • Very Practical and Realistic to Get Rank on Google and Youtube
  • 100% Whitehat,No Blackhat
  • Automatic Everything
  • Can Track Yourself and Competitors Ranking
  • Keyword Analysis

Cons of Video Marketing Blaster

  • Spy Backlink is only in Pro Version (the OTO 1)

Final Verdict

In summary, Video Marketing Blaster is a great tool especially for those who are focusing SEO in their Youtube video. The idea of this software is really practical and they are all proven to get whitehat SEO consistently. Besides, i like the automatic features and rank tracker, which saves us a lot time and energy. Of course, Video Marketing Blaster and even the Pro is a yes from me if you want to get free high quality traffic from video.

Mini FAQs

What are the System Requirements for Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster works on Microsoft Windows® platform. It runs on Windows Xp, Server, 7,8, 8.1 and 10 (both 32 and 64 bit). In order to have a good streaming quality we recommend at least an intel i3 CPU and 4GB of memory.

If you want to run on Mac, you need to use a Windows Virtual Machine like Parallels or VMware.

Now, the software has moved into Cloud-Based so it’s fully accessible for any device.

Who Is Video Marketing Blaster For?

Beginners and experts alike.
It doesn’t matter if you are doing video marketing,seo, ecommerce, local marketing or social media marketing… VMB will work for you and your business!

Does Video Marketing Blaster work in FOREIGN LANGUAGES?

Video Marketing Blaster works in vn or any other language , and in any NICHE!
You can do keyword research and rank for any foreign language. Actually, ranking in foreign languages is even easier!

Are there any Upsales?

You can use Video Marketing Blaster as it is, you don’t need to purchase anything else.
However, after your purchase Video Marketing Blaster they will give you a super good deal to other Blaster Products that can change the way you are doing Video Marketing!

Do I get free updates for VMB?

Yes! You will receive over the air updates. Whenever we will release a new update, the software will automatically update to latest version.
In this way you are always sure you are running the latest version of Video Marketing Blaster.

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