Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus Review

Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus Review From User-Fastest Video Creation Software

Product : Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus

Creator : Vlad and Stoica (also the creator of Live Event Blaster and Video marketing Blaster)

Price : $37.5

Do I Recommend : Yes,but i think you need to understand it first. However,some of their claims are not 100% correct. But in my opinion,Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus is still a great software.

Presently,we all know that video marketing will generate huge traffic,right. But you know,to get real traffic from video,we need to post multiple,not just one. Of course,your time is the most precious stuff for any video marketing campaign. Creating video is a time consuming process and i’m pretty sure that many people hate creating video.

Therefore,it could be great if you can create multiple videos very fast. Certainly,it’s an advantage for those who want to get huge traffic. Today,i will introduce you a fast video creator that helps you quickly generate multiple unique videos,Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus. This is a software by Blastersuite,one of the best video marketing company at present.

Although being known as the fast video creation software,Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus can especially generate high quality video. So,don’t worry about this software,it has good rating on Facebook (real user if course)
Notes : i’m a real user of Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus so that i know how it works. I just started using it but i think i will use it more frequently in the future.

What is Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus?

At first,it’s a Window software that helps you create video by using 2 ways : Video Creator and Video Spinner. With Video Creator,Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus allows you to add images,videos into slides and then generate them. If you lack idea or don’t have images,you can add text and images by entering keywords,Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus will auto generate for you after that.

The most unique features of Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus is to add text and text to speech into your video with multiple language and voice speed. Besides,the spin feature will randomize slide to help you generate multiple unique videos.

Who is Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus For?


  • Of course,video marketer on the internet
  • People who want to get free traffic on Youtube and Google
  • Especially for advanced SEO marketers who use Link Wheel technique
  • Social Media video marketer who want to viral (by adding memes,text,etc)
  • If you want to dominate Youtube and Google’s ranking (by targeting multiple keywords,etc)
  • You are finding an alternative option for EasyVSL (still the best video sales letter creator)
  • You want to save time when creating video
  • If you are struggling to add voiceover
  • And many more,…

Main Features and Demo of Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus

Now,i will show you step by step on how to quickly create a video by using Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus. Firstly,it’s a Window based software so that if you are a Mac user like me,you must install Win or Parallel.

1.Video Creator

Firstly,add images or videos for your video campaign.

If you don’t have available images or videos,you can use keyword to generate images.

Notes : video spin blaster pro plus will add images based on Google’s search engine. In fact,it has some similar to VidCuratorFx but it can use multiple keywords at the same time.

If you untick Download Images available for commercial reuse,you may get images but with watermark. Therefore,be careful before click the button Add All Images or Selected Images.

Sometimes,it won’t get the imaegs you want,it’s easy to understand,because it’s based on Search Engine and i tick download iamges for commercial reuse. In 1 click,you can make Images Slide with the same Text Settings and Duration.

For each slide,you can add Text to That Slide.

This is good if you create a social media video.

For each text,you can add Text Color and Text Background.

Here’s how it looks like.

To save content,you can insert Watermark.

Each slide can be used with Audio Recording or their in-built Text to Speech Maker.

If you are lazy to insert images,you can 1 click searching from keywords.

For body text,you can search articles too.

Once finish the editing process,you can start rendering.

As an image file,you can randomize them.

As a results,you can create multiple videos simulneously,that’s perfect for Google’s ranking domination.

For Text to Speech,you can insert from Slides or from Here.

Just wait until the rendering finishes.

In fact,Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus is one of the fastest video creator online.

2.Video Spinner

This addon helps you spin one video into multiple unique videos. The main idea is to dominate Google’s ranking. Think like this,they create Video Marketing Blaster in order to generate related keywords. So,you are getting multiple videos to target multiple keywords simultaneously.

You can select video and Images file from PC.

If you have Watermark,you can upload it into Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus.

After that,click Spinning.

Just wait until it spins your video into multiple Videos simultaneously. It’s a huge time saver.

The best idea here is to upload multiple video file in bulk and then linkwheel each other so that all videos will rank.

And that’s all you get inside a single time purchase of $67 with Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus. I recommend you to watch some of my videos created by Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus above.

My Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to bring you a fully understanding about Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus,i have recorded a full demo and explanation about this software. So,before you buy,make sure you watch this video first.

Funnels of Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus

Like other products from Blaster Suite,Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus is also created so as to sell others products they own. Here’s the sales funnel in reality. At present,Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus is $67 because launch has ended.

About the OTO 2 and OTO 4,you will access the Pro version of each these softwares. Read my full Video Marketing Blaster review here and my Live Event Blaster review here.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus through my link. Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus is sold on Jvzoo so that after you buy,you will get immediate access to my bonus product. Of course,no cheap PLR bonuses,these are high quality bonuses that helps you.

1.Video Marketing Made Easy

2.Video Marketing Made Easy Upgrade Video Training

3.Youtube Marketing Made Easy Video Course

4.Video Ads Made Easy

5.Video Ads 2.0 Made Easy

6.Easy Video Sales Letter 101

7.Video Marketing Blunder

8.Understanding Youtube Ads

Pros of Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus

  • Easy to use and manage
  • No limitation about slides,text,images,video you can add
  • Text to Speech Features for Each Slides (and for whole video if you want)
  • Humanistic Voiceover with Multiple Languages
  • Spin one video into multiple unique videos
  • Easy to Customize Slides,Text to Speech
  • Support Text File (such as Doc or Txt)
  • Add Content (like images and text) based on your keywords
  • Can add Background Audio so as to combine text

Cons of Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus

  • Keywords will not always generate images as what you want (because it uses search engine)
  • Not fast rendering as they claim on the salespage

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus is a great video creator that you can buy and use. Unlike most video generator software,this one can create truly high quality video for you. Besides,this product is affordable and it especially has fast video creation. The idea when using Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus is very realistic,create multiple videos for dominating Google’s rank and social media friendly video. What i love the most is the auto text to speech features,which saves us a lot time. Of course,Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus is a yes from me.









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