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Product : Vidmozo
Creator : Dr Amit Pareek (also the creator of NinjaShoppe,AffiliateNinjaPro and TopStorySites)
Price : $34,95 if buying on PayDotcom
Do I Recommend : Yes,but i want you to fully understand first. Before buying Vidmozo,i strongly recommend you to have a look at what you can do.

We all know the power of video marketing right,it’s not a nice to have addon anymore,it’s now a must have. But currently,there’s a lot video creator launch on the internet. However,creating a video doesn’t mean you can make money with it. In fact,a lot people keep purchasing video creator over and over but they claim they can’t make any dime.
When setting up a video marketing campaign,the most important thing is traffic. Without traffic,certainly you will fail no matter how good your content is. Besides video ads,you should also get free traffic from video marketing.
Today,i will introduce you a software that especially helps you get free viral traffic from video marketing,Vidmozo. Vidmozo is a video site builder and it’s also a video hosting service. Let’s check out my Vidmozo review so that you understand what inside. I am not trying to encourage you to buy but after i try it myself,i would say it’s a nice tool.
Notes : i got a review access from Dr Amit Pareek so that i know what i’m reviewing about.

What is Vidmozo?

Vidmozo Review
At first,Vidmozo is mainly used as a video site builder. Secondly,you can also use it as a video hosting plattform. It can curate video from Youtube or you can upload video into Vidmozo. After that,you will build your own custom video site and add CTA.
This product is created to be SEO Friendly and it also helps you get free viral traffic on Facebook. Besides,you can also add your subdomain into your video sites. On the other hand,it also has integration with autoresponder service and it has its own exit intent technology.

Who is Vidmozo For?

  • Of course,video marketer on the internet
  • People who want to get free traffic on SEO and Facebook
  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Especially for email list builder who want to build a bigger list
  • You are finding an alternative for Wistia,Vimeo and Vidello (these services are still better)
  • If you are creating an online course
  • And many more,…

Main Features and Full Demo of Vidmozo

Now,i will show you step by step on how to create a video site with Vidmozo and get traffic with it after that. After creating an account,this is what you see at first.

This is the member’s dashboard.
Vidmozo Review
Whenever you want to create a new video site,just do like me.

So in fact,each video site on Vidmozo is a channel. After doing all,remember to create your own category.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review

1.Add Viral Page

At here,you will need to add video into Vidmozo. You can either upload on the internet,MP4 URL,Youtube video or upload from your computer.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review
If uploading from URL,you will see this.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review
I prefer add from Youtube than from MP4 format URL. For example,i search live streaming.
Vidmozo Review
Then,a list of Youtube video with this keyword appear. Clearly,this process will save you a lot time and energy.
If you like a video,just click on it and then you see this.
Vidmozo Review
This is a video on Vidmozo’s channel.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review
Now,you will need to customize video.

a.Customize Video

Vidmozo Review
To make it SEO friendly,you need to rewrite content and add tag.
Vidmozo Review
After that,you need to add theme,thumbnail. This will help you create a real video channel.
Vidmozo Review
Vidmozo Review
Vidmozo Review
Vidmozo Review
Frame will help your video have a better look when embeding. The main purpose of Vidmozo is to add CTA or do something.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review
Lead App allows you to collect lead,Share App helps you go viral while Promo App helps you sell or promote something.
Vidmozo Review
At here,you need to select templates.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review
Here’s how i do,therefore,if someone keep viewing this video until 30 seconds,he will see popup.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review
And you can add multiple ads like this into a single video. Next,add your custom annotations if you want.
Vidmozo Review
This is a proven way to add CTA.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review
Here’s how it works,make sure you customize the correct way.
Vidmozo Review
By default,your video is private,but if you embed online,people can view.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review
Here’s the exact video after i embed.

This is a full page popup i mention,of course,people can not stop watching.
Vidmozo Review

b.Video Sites

Vidmozo allows you to upload multiple video from PC simultaneously.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review
For example,i add multiple video focusing around a software X Ranker 360 2.0. So,i will focus promoting this software right in this video site.
As you can see,here they are.
Vidmozo Review

2.Ad Campaign

This is the popup for your audiences.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review
Now,i add new popup.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review
And here’s my campaign.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review
This is the result after you create popup campaign.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review

3.Get Traffic

Like his other products,Vidmozo also helps you get free traffic from Video from SEO and Social Media.

a.SEO Traffic

It has almost all you need in order to become a Google’s friendly video site builder. And of course,you don’t have to setup each specific video.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review

b.Social Media Automation

Sharing content is the most powerful way to go viral and gain free traffic from video marketing. Of course,you can schedule and post your video campaign automatically on Vidmozo.
Vidmozo Review
At present,Vidmozo has direct integration with 3 social network. Here are services that integrate Vidmozo.
Vidmozo Review

4.Build A List With Vidmozo

This software is optimized to help you build an email list fast. These are services that integrate Vidmozo.
Vidmozo Review
Vidmozo Review
Vidmozo Review
Vidmozo Review
Vidmozo Review
Besides,you can also add subscribers by allowing them to subscribe. I have already log out,here’s another email account.
Vidmozo Review
Vidmozo Review
Vidmozo Review
Vidmozo Review
Vidmozo Review
So,to subscribe your channel,you must enter that verification code.
Vidmozo Review


What i like about Vidmozo is a very realistic statistic that shows you how your video campaign performs.
Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review Vidmozo Review
In fact,you can split test your video on Vidmozo. Most video hosting platform just allow you to host video but they don’t show you how the campaign works. Now,you know it which this software.
And that’s all you need to know about Vidmozo before buying it.

Funnels of Vidmozo

Every product has upsells and so does this one. But comparing with his other products,this funnel’s price is lower and i think you only need to buy upgrade one.

1.OTO 1 : Vidmozo Elite ($57)

Vidmozo Elite
On the front end account,you can only add one subdomain while with Elite,you will add unlimited,great for multiple video sites and niches.

2.OTO 2 : Vidmozo Enterprise Edition ($97)

Vidmozo Enterprise

3.OTO 3 : Vidmozo Agency License ($77)

Vidmozo Agency License
With this upgrade,you can add accounts for clients.

4.OTO 4 : Vidmozo Premium Membership ($27/month)

Vidmozo Agency Membership
And that’s the entire funnel of this product.

Pros of Vidmozo

  • Affordable front end price
  • Host Unlimited Video
  • Especially allow you to add frames
  • Real Time Stats about Engagement,Views Rate together with Split-Testing Features
  • Direct integration with Social Media,Autoresponder,Crm and Webinar Service
  • Can Curate Video on Youtube (but can not with unlisted or private videos)
  • 100% SEO Friendly because of Google’s friendly setup and auto syndication,sitemap
  • Ability to add popup and annotations
  • Can create your custom subdomain
  • Embedable link to any website

Cons of This Product

  • Expensive Upsells Funnel
  • Unlimited Subdomain is only for OTO user

Final Verdict

In summary,VidMozo is a great product that you can buy and benefit it in the long run. Creating a video is useless if you don’t make money with it. Thanks to this cloud based software,you are not making your video look better on landing page (or website) but also get leads,make money with advertising setup. On the other hand,it has a lower price comparing with big video hosting service. Moreover,it helps you get free traffic from both SEO and social media. Of course,if you understand this product and its benefits,i strongly recommend you to buy it.


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