Vidoyo Review and Demo From Real User and Bonus-Nice Video Ads Tool For Marketers

Product : Vidoyo (but you can only buy it for 4 weeks from now). If you want to buy later,you will need to buy at version 2.0 until it relauches. I will show you my message with Mario Brown.
Creator : Mario Brown and Andrew Darius (two biggest names in Jvzoo marketing as well as a video marketing expert). Andrew is the owner of big softwares Explaindio while Mario is the owner of Videlligence.
Price : $27/one time for the first 5 hours and then $33. On the day 2 or day 3,the price goes up to $37 and $47/one time. After the launch ends price goes to $67, then $77 & after that $97.
Do I Recommend : Yes (but mostly for those who are serious about video advertising or Facebook marketing)

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular towards internet marketers. Agree or not,video represents 75% of your traffic so that it’s a wasteless if you miss. You will not only display video for Youtube but also for Facebook video ads. And the good new for you is,it’s not hard in order to create a video for marketing purpose. Video marketing creator is available everywhere and they are highly affordable. On my blog,i have shown you a demo of EasyVSL,Doodly and Clipman. Today,i will show you another video marketing software,Vidoyo and its owner is very famous. When comparing with some big names above,the price of Vidoyo is much more affordable.
Vidoyo is will live for selling at 4th December but personally,i have accquantance with Mario so i have a review access. Most of the review you read from Vidoyo are fake and scam so that you are lucky if your read my review. Now,let’s checkout my Vidoyo review and demo so that you understand what you are buying.

What is Vidoyo?

Before you read my Vidoyo review,you may need to know exactly what Vidoyo is. At first,it’s a software that allows you to create a video advertising or promotion. It’s not like normal video creator,which can be a sketch video,animation video,etc. Vidoyo is mostly for those who are displaying video ads on Facebook or to sell ecommerce product on Amazon,Shopify rather than Clickbank.
Unlike some other video creator you have seen,Vidoyo can automatically create a video for you by using other videos. In other words,it can turn a Youtube URL or some normal videos on your computer into a video ads. Then you just need to optimize video for your products or your brands.

Who Is Vidoyo For?

  • Any marketer who are serious about video marketing
  • Facebook or Youtube advertisers
  • Especially for people who are selling ecommerce products on Amazon,Shopify and other plattforms
  • People who can’t afford to buy Viddyad,Shackr,etc

Main Feature and Demo of Vidoyo

In my Vidoyo review,i ‘m not going to show you a presentation of Vidoyo’s features as some fake reviewers are doing. This is an example of how i create a video ads using Vidoyo. Once you login to the member’s area,this is what you see first.
Vidoyo review

1.Create Video From Youtube URL

Now,let’s see how i create a new video using Vidoyo. Firstly,click Create New Vidoyo.
Vidoyo review
Choose Upload from Youtube.
Vidoyo review
Then you will need a Youtube URL and paste into Vidoyo. But before you copy Youtube’s URL,make sure that the video’s url you copy doesn’t claim copyright and if they claim,ask them for permission. For example,i copy this Youtube’s URL.
Vidoyo review
Then paste it into Vidoyo. On this place,you can whether create video with Audio or not. Personally,i don’t.
Now,just hit the button Start Download. Vidoyo will need time to read the video so that please wait.
Vidoyo review Vidoyo review
However,it highly depends on the video you are using. I don’t recommend you to upload presentation or tutorials video because it took so long.

2.Create Video From Library

This is another way to create video from this software. Actually,he has already prepared video for you on the library.
Vidoyo review
For instance,i choose Art and Entertainment.
Vidoyo review
If you like any of these video,simply hit the button edit now. On this page,just simply add and edit text to fit your bussiness brand.
You can also edit animation,Logo appearance or background.
Vidoyo review
Vidoyo review Vidoyo review
After that,choose music. At present,Vidoyo doesn’t offer text to speech feature so you should use your own voice. Normally,almost all Facebook video audiences are visual viewers so that you do not really need.
This video ads creator offers a lot music track for you to you. You can also choose an audio file from your computer. If you intend to add your voice,feel free to checkout this free service.
Vidoyo review
Just hit the plus button.
The last step is to replace footage. You can skip this feature if you don’t need. There are two ways to replace,upload from youtube or from your computer.
Vidoyo review
After that,click Preview and Save your project.Vidoyo review
On this page,you can choose to download video as MP4 video or a Gif Video.
Vidoyo review

3.Create Video From Your Own Library

The last type of video production with Vidoyo is to upload your own video. However,what i don’t like is that the maximum file is only 50 Mb.
Vidoyo Review
Please also wait Vidoyo to read that video and then it can optimize for you.
Vidoyo review
Here’s an example.
Vidoyo review Vidoyo review
And how to customize is the same with the example above. Anyway,always brainstorm a text for the highest conversion.

And these are all you get inside Vidoyo,which only costs you $27 for lifetime access. Basically,Vidoyo is pretty easy to use and friendly for all users. This is a highly advanced feature and completely different from what you see before from a video creator. Here are some examples of video created by this software.


Upsells of Vidoyo

Upsell is normal on the internet and so does Vidoyo. This software has 3 upsells and they are not too expensive. All of these upsells cost you $67/each.
OTO 1 : Vidoyo Pro Templates
This is a list of high converting templates that these experts have already created. Andrew Darius is a top marketers in terms of video marketing so that don’t worry about its quality.

OTO 2 : Vidoyo Motion Templates
This is also template library but it can move. You can skip this upsell if you don’t really need. The video below is an example.

OTO 3 : Vidoyo Enterprise License

Only buy this upsell if you intend to sell your services,products or you are a freelancer. Personally,i don’t recommend this upsell.
And this is the entire funnel of Vidoyo,which is not too complex and expensive.

Bonus From Me

In order to make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Vidoyo through my link. This product is powered by Jvshare so once you complete your purchase,you will have direct access on it. You only need to buy the front-end at $27 to get my bonuses. And basically,these are all you need after you buy this product.
1.List Building How To Videos
Vidoyo review and bonus
2.Email How To VideosVidoyo review and bonus
3.Viral Video Box
Vidoyo review and bonus
4.WP SEO StoneVidoyo review and bonus
5.WP Pin Review
Vidoyo review and bonus
6.Wordpress Facebook Survey
Vidoyo review and bonus
7.FB Webinar
Vidoyo review and bonus
8.Facebook Redirect Pro
Vidoyo review and bonus
9.Wordpress Timeline Optin
Vidoyo review and bonus
10.WP Optin Count-Down
Vidoyo review and bonus
Vidoyo review and bonus
12.Ever Lead
Vidoyo review and bonus
13.WP Video Optin
Vidoyo review and bonus
And these are all bonuses from me if you buy Vidoyo through my link. You will get them immediately once you complete your purchase. Just simply go to the customer’s area and then click on the link. Here’s what you see after that.
Vidoyo review and bonus Vidoyo review and bonus

Why You Need To Act Fast?

In order to show you my statements above is real. Here’s a screenshot message between me and Mario.
Vidoyo review
So,if you don’t act fast,you are missing one of the most intelligent video ads ever.

Pros of Vidoyo

  • Pretty easy to use and to manage
  • Affordable price without any recurring fee
  • Upsells are not too complex and they are still affordable
  • Intelligent video ads technologies
  • Can export as both MP4 file or just a Gif file
  • Upload video from Youtube,Library or Your Own computer (hence you have various ways)
  • Easily to customize for your own brand
  • Available templates and music track

Cons of Vidoyo

  • Took a lot of time if you upload video from Youtube’s Url
  • The maximum upload file is only 50 MB
  • Doesn’t have drag and drop features

Final Verdict

In summary,Vidoyo is a great video ads creator that any marketer should consider to own. It is completely friendly for all users and highly affordable. Moreover,video marketing is becoming more popular so it’s a wasteless if you don’t use. Video represents 75% of your traffic sources so that you have a huge chance if you deal with video marketing. And more importantly,spend your time to create video or Gif file as many as possible once you buy Vidoyo. Don’t forget to take advantage of my 13 bonuses after you buy this product.


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