Viral Marketing Overview-Why Using and How To Take Action To Your Bussiness

Presently,email marketing is an essential asset of any online bussiness. It doesn’t only help you keep your audiences but also monetizing from them. Besides traffic,lead magnet,autoresponder sequence,campaign,you should also become an influencer. Actually, many professional marketers are using this method so as to scale up their profit. On the other hand,you can understand it as a viral marketing technique. Viral marketing technique is for growing your emailing list exponentially by getting people to pass your OPT-IN page link to other internet users.

What Is Viral Marketing Technique?

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Personally,i don’t know the exact meaning of viral marketing technique but i know the popular techniques which are working.

1.Using Social Media To Enlarge Your List

The first viral marketing technique you can think of is to benefit social media to build an email list. Social media has becoming more and more popular now so that it’s unwise if you skip them. The most popular social media plattform are Instagram and Facebook. With this method,you need to prepare a landing page,an optin bait to giveaway and an autoresponder sequence to monetize. You can use both free and paid traffic method for viral marketing technique.
In my opinion,you should use paid traffic first and then once your fanpage have strong influence,you can use free traffic. To make it work,ensure you have prepared information,research competitor and content to use. You can checkout Powerhouse Affiliate,which also teaches you how to use Facebook Ads to build an email list.

2.Offering Contest As Well As Giveaway On Your Site

This viral marketing technique works the best once you become popular on social media. If you can’t offer contest,it’s OK to always add value to people. For example,after someone subscribes on your list,you will build relationship with them regularly by giving away an ebook,a training or something that is valuable.

3.Give Tutorials To People On Your Niche

Another viral marketing technique you may use is to educate your audiences. Please always note that people only trust you and your recommendation once they find you are helpful. Relationship is important but it seems like some people are forgeting. They just promote,promote and promote products without thinking about build relationship.
To educate people on your niche,there’s a lot of way to do. Firstly,you can add a tutorial post on what people should do. For example,you are in muscle building niche,so,teaching people about diet,supplement or workout. You can also teach them more detail like What To Do/Not To Do,mistakes bodybuilders are making,etc.
Secondly,add a video presentation to help people find their solution. Then posting that video on Youtube,your website and your fanpage. The software i recommend you to create video presentation is EasyVSL. Through this viral marketing technique,you will get even more traffic to your site.

4.Telling Stories To People

The last viral marketing technique to benefit is to tell stories to people. Before we proceed further,answer a question do you like something real?
The answer is certainly yes. So,applying this technique to your niche. People love case studies,reading stories from their influencers. Normally,it’s a copywriting technique that professional marketers are using to increase conversion. Moreover,this is also a great way to build relation to your audiences. Once again,the key is to give something valuable. You can start by making up a stories at the bad time you have and then tell them how you solute that problem. Of course,if someone reads that stories,they have buying-intent.

Why Using Viral Marketing Technique?

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Reduces Your Scale-up Time

Presently, there are over a billion active websites, and you will agree that it will take a while before you get the necessary visibility. This means that it will take you a very long time to scale your site if you depend solely on search engine traffic. Using viral list building techniques will reduce the time you could have used to scale-up your blog or website. You can use social media to create a buzz about your list and be sure to provide a redirect link to your OPT-IN page.
If you consistently and correctly use the viral list building techniques, you will increase traffic to your site, increase your income, and reduce the time it would take to scale your business by over 50% in your first 18 months.

Helps In Online Marketing Strategy

Using viral list builder techniques on different platforms gives you the information you can use to plan your strategy for the different platforms. This includes social media marketing, PPC, as well as other organic strategies. Dividing your online marketing campaign into smaller segments allows you to formulate a plan to reach your target customers with ease. Viral list building techniques also become part of your online marketing strategy.
Through platform segmentation, you can extend your reach and have more traffic you could otherwise not have had through search engines traffic.

How To Apply Viral Marketing Technique?

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1.Using Stories To Create A Lucrative Email List

We live in sophisticated times. This is certainly true for anyone who wants to start an online business. You will find a wealth of tools to help you, including tools that can give you the chance to build a strong email list. However, without a single key element, you’re only going to be but so successful. This is where the quality of being able to tell a good story becomes important. At the end of the day, it might just be the most crucial element to building a successful, thriving email list.
The key word for these stories is “persuasive.” The story should compel individuals to sign up to your email list for more information or special offers. How does one persuade through storytelling? It breaks down into four essential elements:

  • You want to inspire them: Your story should leave them with the feeling that extraordinary things can happen to ordinary people.
  • You want to challenge them: You generally don’t want to yank them out of their comfort zone, but you also want to give them an idea that will change their perceptions.
  • Or uou want to educate them: You want to back up everything in your story with tangible facts and reliable, credible information.
  • You want to leave them with a stirring call to action: At the end of your story, the reader should see signing up for your email list as the only choice that makes sense.

2.Keep Adding and Proving Value

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In an era where most information is free, quality content can be easily found with the click of a few buttons, you need to have a proper way to get people’s attention, so that you can offer them your products. “Lead Magnet” is the technical turn used to gather information and an easier form of contact – usually an email address.
Online consumers are getting more and more careful with providing their email address, as the spam and scans are increasing drastically. People’s trust needs to be earned in order for the email to be provided. The more pessimistic the customer is, the better the Lead Magnet needs to be.

Free books

Probably the most important and known way to building a long list of followers is providing a free book or guide. It should not be very long, but it needs to be specific and the value in it needs to be very good. Even better – you can have a few books using different niches, so you can target more people – but be careful, you do not need too many people.

Choose your buyer

Think long and hard about this,you do not need young girls if you are selling men’s hair gеl. Think who is your best customer, what he/she wants. Each Lead Magnet should be specifically created for the perfect customer in that niche. If you have more than one type of products, you need more Lead Magnets.

What value are you creating?

What does your buyer want and what do they need are two different questions. Best case scenario – you have both, ready for them to be downloaded or purchased on a later basis. The Lead Magnet needs to be giving them some free information of what they need/want. You can use questions to get ahead. Find the most common issue that people are searching for and provide content about it.

Choose how to deliver

The eBook is the most popular Lead Magnet out there and many people are sticking to it. If you are a great writer – it makes sense. If this is not your strength, then avoid it or outsourcing online. Or if you love video,then using camera or video presentation to educate your audiences. You can also give a free trial or a discount. A good quiz/survey can be created as a marketing trick as well.

So,What’s Next?

After showing you viral marketing technique,i think you can come up with some ideas in your mind. And in order to take your online campaign to the next level,here are some training that i recommend to you. Basically,they are all legit and they deliver great value for you.

1.Lurn Insider

This is a 21 days fast track training helps you master affiliate marketing. Inside the training,you will learn about copywriting techniques,email marketing,both free and paid traffic. The paid traffic he focuses are Google Adwords,PPC Advertising,Solo Ads and Facebook Ads. Best of all,you get his pre-done niche research for profitable niches.

2.Inbox Blueprint

Besides Affilojetpack,this is also one of the greatest training about email marketing. He teaches very step-by-step on how to create profitable email marketing campaign. Moreover,he seems focusing a lot about building relationship and list segmentation. The traffic training he focuses are Twitter,Google SEO,Google PPC,Solo Ads and Facebook Ads. Best of all,you have access to Traffic Academy (his previous product),his landing page cretor software,done for you swipes. And more importantly,he provides ebook to giveaway,niche research and tracking,optimization course.


It’s not really a training course,it’s an 80% percent done for you bussiness that helps you build 5 websites as fast as possible. Inside this training,you have done for you niche research,ebook to giveaway,articles to post,1 year email newsletter,keyword packs. In addition,you will get 1 year hosting for 5 domains, Affiloblueprint and Affilotheme as a bonus. The additional traffic training are Solo Ads,Amazon Kindle and Youtube.

4.Powerhouse Affiliate (First Recommendation)

This is my first online marketing recommendation training and it only costs you $7 to join. Powerhouse Affiliate has multiple lessons about paid traffic such as Facebook Ads,Bing Ads,Google Ads,Mobile Ads,Native Ads,Solo Ads,In-Text Ads,etc and how to optimize them for higher ROI. In addition,you have access to premium landing page,best marketing forum ever,done for you bussiness in box and whitelist to their CPA network,Vault Media. Checkout my Powerhouse Affiliate review and bonuses.


In summary,after posting article about viral marketing technique,i hope it’s useful and helpful enough for you to take action. Viral marketing technique is becoming popular and working effectively now,so it’s unwise if you forget it. Spend your time and always keep track of your online bussiness. There’s no secret or magic tips and tricks,just magic process that helps you make money online. Also remember to take action the correct way in order to avoid wasting time,energy and budget.

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