Viral Social Profits Review From User-Boost Your Images into a Viral Video Post

Product : Viral Social Profits
Creator : Ian Ross
Price : $17
Do I Recommend : Yes,this product is OK,but buying or not is still your decisions.

Today,i will introduce you a useful app,Viral Social Profits,which helps us go viral on Facebook. As we know,social media especially FB is a great place for free traffic sources. So that sooner or later,you need to run a Fb campaign to profit.
Using images to publish post is OK but you should also try using Video. Guys,people love watching and it attracts audiences better. Viral Social Profits will help you create video for Facebook Post,let’s checkout exactly what inside.

What Is Viral Social Profits?

Viral Social profits Review
In one word,Viral Social Profits is a desktop app (Win and Mac compatible) that turns your image into a video post.

Main Features and Demo of Viral Social Profits

Now,i will show you exactly how to create a video post when using Viral Social Profits. Personally,i got a review copy from Ian Ross so that i know what i’m talking about.
Viral Social Profits Review
Viral Social Profits Review

Create Video Post

This is the exact software once you open. Personally,i use Mac.
Viral Social Profits Review
Now,simply select any images from your computer.
For example,i add 4 steps using Viddyoze images.
Viral Social Profits Review
Then click Convert. Right here,you just need to open Folder.
Viral Social Profits Review
Viral Social Profits Review
Here are the exact 4 videos. If we have a look,they are not really impressive. That’s why i say the decision is up to you  🙂

In my opinion,it looks like a clickbait rather than a real video. Of course,that’s enough for a social media video. And that’s all you get inside a single time purchase of $17. This software is still OK for social media traffic but at a higher price,don’t buy it.

Funnels of Viral Social Profits

I’m not surprised when this one has upsells. However,what i really don’t like about the funnel is that you always need to cancel OTO to buy the downsell. So it means if you may at risk of buying products as a higher price than others.

1.Viral Social Profits Premium ($67)

This upgrade allows you to post on social media directly instead of logging into your FB account. It’s like you are automating your process. However,cancel this upgrade because he will offer a discount to $47 to get Premium Version.

2.Viral Social Profits Training ($37)

This is a video training series showing you how to get free traffic together with Viral Social Profits app. There’s nothing special here. But if you intend to buy,please cancel,he will offer a discount to $27.

3.Viral Social Profits Reseller License ($297)

This offer is for you if you intend to resell this app. Cancel this upgrade,he will offer a discount of $100 to just $197.
And that’s the entire funnel of this app. It seems to be Ian Ross is not confident about his product so that he use a complex funnel like this.

Pros of Viral Social Profits

  • Affordable price without recurring fee
  • Easy interface and Easy to use
  • Mac and Win Compatible
  • Fast and Smooth

Cons of Viral Social Profits

  • Complex Upsells Funnel (up to 3 downsells just to discount to upsell offer)
  • Just Low Quality Video

Final Verdict

In summary,Viral Social Profits is still an OK product for social media traffic. Agree or not,people love watching video on social media and using video post is effective to grab attention. The price of $17 is highly affordable to everyone,the decision is ultimately yours. If you don’t satify,simply claim a refund.


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