Voicerank360 2.0 Review

Voicerank360 2.0 Review From Real User-Rank Zero Position with Google Voice Search

Product : VoiceRank360 2.0

Creator : Han Fan (also the creator of X-Ranker) and Adrian,Cristian

Price : $25

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

Google Voice Search is a new Google’s ranking opportunity. People currently use mobile more than desktop and they also use Voice to search. What makes Google Voice Search awersome is that not many people are using so you have great ranking opportunity.

Therefore,you shouldn’t miss Google this traffic. It’s huge and it can bring you more organic traffic to your products and offers. And the key to successful Voice Search campains are of course Keywords and Content. Besides,you also need to optimize your website for better Search Ranking Chance.

That’s where Voicerank360 2.0 comes in. Voicerank360 2.0 is a great solution for those who want to rank position zero on Google. And of course,it’s in-built to rank on Google Voice Search.

After having a test with Voicerank360,i would say it’s a great product worth buying. Now,let’s read my entire Voicerank360 2.0 review & demo so that you understand how it works.

What is VoiceRank360 2.0?

Who is VoiceRank360 2.0 For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Especially for Local Business or SEO Agency
  • People who want more search traffic
  • You want to save time creating content
  • Those who are not utilizing the power of Voice SEO
  • And many more,…

Main Features and Demo of VoiceRank360 2.0

Now,i will show you exactly how VoiceRank360 2.0 works so you have a correct understanding. This is the member’s area once you login.

If you don’t understand or don’t use Voice Search yet,don’t worry because they prepare presentation for you.

There are 10 lessons inside the training.

Before using,you need to create new project. That’s because VoiceRank360 2.0 is in-built for Local or Agency Business.

1.Voice Rank Checklist

Before you optimize keywords or content for voice search traffic,you need to see the checklist.

This is very necessary to optimize your website. If you have clients,you can generate report for them as a bait.

With Google Voice Search,the key is about mobile friendly and fast loading speed. So,you need to use reliable web hosting. I Recommend Siteground because they have great performance.

Besides,you need some Social Signals and Trust for better ranking.

But basically,you need to follow these checklist and take action.

You can upload plugin as they recommend.

2.Generate Question Based on Keywords

When people search something from Google Voice,they mostly use question. This is how cool VoiceRank360 2.0,it can auto generate frequently search questions.

How many question or keywords is this highly depends on the keywords you insert. For instance,i enter keywords Make Money Online.

Now,you can export them to CSV file or save them to Project.

3.Generate Content From Keywords

You have 2 options : create content yourself or let Voicerank360 2.0 generate content for you.

Just select one keywords of them and then tick it.

You can choose Language,Number of Articles or make it unique,keep original.

Here’s the content in reality.

In the content editor,you can insert URL,Images and Video.

If you want,you can automatically post to WordPress site.

4.Local Article

Voicerank360 2.0 is a built-in software for local marketing. And this app can automatically generate article that enhances your company.

Here are niches that it supports. After that,just enter your Business Name together with your Location and keywords.

This is question example in the niches,as you can see,it can auto generate.

This is an article that answer these question. Of course,you can copy paste into your blog post to enhance brand’s awareness or make more internal link.

5.Voice Rank Checker

Each location will have different ranking on search. Now,this one will auto check for you.

6.Voiceified Keywords

Just enter a keywords and then VoiceRank360 2.0 will generate suggest keywords for multiple search engine.

7.50 SEO Tools

In order to optimize your ranking,it has pre-built 50 SEO Tools you can use immediately.

This will help you reach more free traffic and also do competition analysis.

My Voicerank360 2.0 Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you a correct understanding about the software,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy Voicerank360,turn on your volume and watch this video first.

Funnels of VoiceRank360 2.0

All products have upsells and so does this one. But buying or not,the choice is ultimately yours.

Reseller here means you can create accounts for clients and then sell it as a service.

Bonus From Me

After you read this Voicerank360 review post,in order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you get Voicerank360 through my link. This product is sold on W+ so that after you buy,you’ll get immediate access to my custom bonus.

Pros of VoiceRank360

  • Easy to use and manage
  • DFY Voice SEO Checklist for You and Clients
  • Built-in Post Editor and Can Automatically Post to WordPress
  • Include Premium Training about Google Voice Search
  • Generate Frequently Voice Search Question based on Keywords
  • Auto generate Unique Content based on Questions you add
  • Add Local Article Based on Business Name,Location and Keywords
  • Generate Premium Keywords for Voice Search Engine (Google,Youtube,Bing,Amazon,Yahoo,etc)

Cons of VoiceRank360

  • Too many upsells

Final Verdict

In summary,VoiceRank360 2.0 is a great to have product for any internet marketer. As you know,SEO is an important traffic and it’s easy to scale. Voice Search is really new right now but not many people are not utilizing it. So,you have a really great opportunity to get more organic search traffic. And thanks to the power of this software,you can now make even more Voice Search traffic faster and easier. Of course,it’s a yes product from me.



































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