Ways To Improve Content Marketing-Guide To Master Your Content

Content is always king no matter what types of online bussiness you are running. It doesn’t only help you get rank on Google but also helps you increase conversion for your ads. On the other hand,content marketing helps you get engagement on Youtube and even social media networks. However,content marketing is definitely not easy for newbie. Basically,experience marketers never write content themselves because they outsource 5 star freelancers. But how about you,do you have enough budget for that and more importantly,do you know how to outsource content. Therefore,you need to improve content marketing if you don’t lack experience and budget.
Keep reading my post when i show you how to write content quicker,how to improve content marketing as how to avoid issues when writing. Also checkout my post showing you how to write cash pulling copy here and how to write better content here.

Ways To Write Content Quicker

Improve Content marketing

Speed is very crucial for any efficient writer. Most writers understand that you need to have top notch grammar and well researched material to produce quality content. These two key points are very important but we forget another equally important factor, speed. Many writers have perfect grammar and are good researchers but have varying speeds when producing great content. Your writing speed might be the missing link that will give you an advantage over other writers.

1. Increase your Typing speed.

Typing speed is measured by Words per Minute (wpm). If you want to write content quicker then you will obviously have to increase your typing speed. The average speed of a professional writer is 50 to 80 words per minute (wpm). Some typists even reach a speed of 120 wpm. Imagine all the content you could write with this speed. Like all skills, this one is also developed by practice. Practice makes perfect. If you have to look at your keyboard as you type to confirm the position of the letters, then you need to practice. There are many typing soft-wares out there that are guaranteed to increase your typing speed. UltraKey and Typesy are good examples.

2. Make short notes

Do your research and then make short notes. Do not make the mistake of writing content directly from the sources. Read all your reference sources, understand and write short notes. These short notes will be your guideline in writing your content. This will make it much faster to produce original content that is free from plagiarism. Making short notes will also ensure that you understand the material well before writing anything

3. Type then Edit

Type all the work then do the formatting and editing later. Most writers make the mistake of typing and editing simultaneously. This will hinder your speed and progress greatly as editing takes time and it is better if done once. Unfortunately, many writers are perfectionists and claim that they have a type of OCD that can’t let them continue writing the content without correcting errors. They are limited by their thought. Write content and ignore all the errors and grammatical issues and then edit your content after all is done. You will find out that you may reduce the time you use by half and thus you will write your content quicker.

Habits To Improve Content Marketing

Improve Content Marketing
Your habit is highly important so as to improve content marketing. Basically,super affiliate can improve content marketing because they have good habits. So if you want to be like them,you also need to change your habits.

Read more

Reading more is considered as a basic essential when it comes to improving your writing skills. Reading more not only broadens your imagination and stimulate your creativity, but also improves your vocabulary and use of proper grammar and syntax. 

Write daily

The secret to becoming a good writer is practicing. Writing daily helps you to practice the craft while at the same time, broadening your imagination. Personally,i can improve content marketing because i write frequently. The more you write,the more you can brainstorm,always keep in mind. Running a bussiness is a process,not an event.

Write in good plain English

The best writers are those who write in good plain English. As such, your work should not be full of extraneous ideas, pretentious jargon and bloated words that might end up insulting the intelligence of a reader and worst of all, patience.

Keep the writing and editing separate 

Separating the writing and editing tasks helps you produce better quality work. Editing while writing not only interrupts the flow of ideas but also takes up plenty of time.

Start with the main idea

As a rule, you should start off with the main idea so as to give readers a strong hint of what you are saying before following up with an explanation. Choosing the right format for your content is highly important. It’s like a mindmap that helps you brainstorm your idea. 

Vary your sentence structure, length and type

Varying sentence length, structure and even type helps you to achieve 2 important things in writing. For starters, it enables you to emphasize a point while at the same time prevents monotony.

Concrete words

The use of concrete words is considered as a mark f quality when it comes to writing. Unlike abstract words, concrete words have a particular meaning and as such are not considered as being vague. Concrete words can be described as words that can be actually felt, smelt, heard or even seen and include words such as dancing, hot and bed. Abstract words on the other hand are vague in nature with a good example being – one of the best, good and wonderful.

Avoid being too verbose, trim everything down

Avoid being wordy or too verbose in your writing. To achieve this, you have to go through your writing eliminating any unnecessary words. People won’t read all of your content,they just read anything they need. Therefore,don’t write too much because it just wastes your time.

Factor in the readers agenda

Who are the target audience? What does a reader expect? By answering these questions, you will be able to factor in a reader’s agenda as part of your work.

Make it easy on the eyes

Most readers never read content if it’s too much text. As such, ensure you incorporate paragraphs of varying length so as to make your text more appealing.

By considering the above mentioned 10 small changes to improve content marketing, you are assured of greatly improving your writing skills.

Tools To Improve Content Marketing

Improve Content Marketing

Writing content can be a challenging task, it may take a lot of research to come up with the perfect article. However, there are some tools, which you can use, to make your article read and look better.

The 10 tools you can use when writing content are:

1. Fact browser: While writing content, you will need to research on a lot of things. That can take time, and you may end up taking the entire day for it. However, on Fact browser you will find all relevant reports,studies and surveys which will improve your article.

2. Grammarly: It is also another great tool which most writers prefer. To use this, you have to create an account. After that, once you paste your article here,it will automatically hightlight grammar mistakes.

3. Content ldeator Headline: You need to have a proper, interesting headline to attract more people to read your article. Thinking of an accurate headline can be difficult at times. But this headline generator is extremely effective. You just need to type a keyword, and they will display all the relevant headlines.

4. Infogr.am: Your article needs to be great, but it should also be visually very attractive. Just plain, boring texts won’t attract many people. You need charts and diagrams to make your article more readable. This tool allows you to do exactly that.

5. Ninja Essays: After you finish writing the article, you need to edit it properly. Editing can be a difficult task. If you struggle to edit properly, then you can take help of this tool. It will make your article more polished.

6. Inbound Writer: The main aim of writing articles is to attract more people to it, and start earning from that article. Inbound Writer is a very effective tool, which will help you to generate more traffic towards your article. It will advice you about the keywords, which you should use more in your article.

7. Haiku Deck: You can add some slideshows along with your article, to make it more readable. You will need a good tool to create slides shows, and Haiku Deck is the best in this regard. It allows you to make stunning slide shows.

8. Rainymood: If you are writing articles in some busy, crowded area, then you may get distracted by the noise. Rainymood plays a peaceful, soothing sound, which will help you to focus more on your article.

9. Soovle: Soovle is another such tool which will help you with keywords. Just type one keyword of your article, and it will show you the relevant keywords for all the search engines.

10. Unsplash: In order to get photos for your article, you generally have to buy it, otherwise you may be sued for copyright issues. Everyday, Unsplash uploads some copyright free images. You can use them free of cost.

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