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What is Google Ads Lead Form Extension Webhook and What to Care About It?

Google has announced this week that they are starting to beta-test a new extension within Google Ads Lead Form Extension that allows advertisers to capture any leads from their search ad campaigns.

Lead forms work only as extensions to a Search campaign, so all bidding and targeting options are determined by the campaign your form is attached to. When a user submits their info in a lead form extension, it will be counted as a lead conversion.

This is exciting because it uses optional webhooks to enable data from your leads to seamlessly move directly into your CRM software. This will help you to learn more about the possible leads generated by your Google Ads campaign so that you can tweak campaigns and generate more leads from your ads. It is important, however, to keep an eye on the quality of these leads.

So how does Google Ads Lead Form Extension Webhook works?

Well, the lead form extension has a similar appearance to the promotion extensions. They are displayed in a call-out box with an icon. When collecting the leads, you can get the name, email address, phone number and postcode for the contact.

This data can be transmitted via a webhook to your CRM system and you will receive this in real-time so that you can view the collected leads.

Benefits of Google Ads Lead Form Extension

What is exciting with the new lead form extension is the seamless link between the capture of information and the integration within your own CRM system. This should reduce the challenges of transferring lead data to the advertiser.

We are not going to talk about fake lead, read lead or what to do in this post, you can what our other’s posts about that insead.

Cons of Google Ads Lead Form

The biggest cons that we can easily see is that Google may save the lead for you but in case you want to add into autoresponder, you must manually copy paste the results yourself.

Imagine that if you are a large company and then you copy every single lead manually, well, this is so time consuming.

Therefore, webhook is like a hero. But for webhook, you will need to have a software such as Zapier, which costs you a huge monthly fee while you are only using for Google Ads and Youtube Ads.


If you are looking for a way to solve the problem, well, an India company called “Teknikforce’ has a good solution for you.

In March 2020, they launched and sold a product Ads2list, which helps you transfer the whole lead from Google Lead Gen Ads directly into your autoresponder.

As from mentioned above, webhook is the key thing from here and Ads2list is a webhook generator that is used for only Google Ads and Yotube Ads purpose. Of course, that’s the main reason why they have cut down the costs a lot and you don’t have to pay monthly fee. Again, if you are looking for a solution, you can read our Ads2list review post here to see how it works.


After making the post, we hope that you have already understand what is Google Lead Form Ads Extension and why it’s so powerful. The internet marketing industry is always changing and it’s recommended for you to update latest marketing stuffs so you will never lose your competitors.


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