How To Write Better Content-Actionable Tips To Write Ads,Sales Copy and Landind Page

Content is always king no matter what types of online bussiness you are in. If you are running SEO traffic,content helps your site rank better on Google. On the other hand,if your social media or video marketing traffic have great content,they also have good rank too. But that’s not all you get. If you are running CPA campaign or at least you are writing ads,presale page,you definitely need good content. However,it’s never an easy task for all people. Please understand that most experience marketers never write content themselves because they outsource all of this. They do that cause they know that they will certainly get the return back. But how about you,if you don’t have experience or you don’t know how to get good content. In this post,i will show you exactly how to write better content so that you know what to do.
The strategies i am going to show you are highly easy to understand and actionable. You can apply these methods to your blog,your video,your post,your email swipes or your landing page. So,keep reading in order to know how to write better content for your online bussiness.

Tips To Write Better Content

If you want to be a highly in-demand freelance writer, there are some guidelines that you should follow to popularize yourself to potential clients and readers. Basically,i personally know a few surefire ideas to write better content. But at first,you need to understand what you are doing first.

3 Things to Understand Before You Can Write Better Content

write better content

1. Don’t Overdwell on Writing Mechanics

As you may have already noticed, most well-like writers do not have the awesome linguistic grasp of a language professor. In fact, a big number of popular freelance writers do not even have college degrees. The secret of highly rated freelancers in writing lies in churning out interesting content that entertains their readers. However, this does not give you the license to turn out a lackluster copy full of glaring grammatical errors and typos. Don’t think too much about the intricate writing mechanisms that are taught in university language classes. Instead, focus on the people who will savor the content – give them exactly what they want and the few slip-ups you make will get lost in the excitement your content elicits. 

2. Readers Identify with Distinct Personalities

If readers find you engaging or interesting, then they will faithfully read the whole of your write-ups. While observing fundamental language rules helps you pass the basic tests of competent freelancing, you should never overlook the central concept that readers would like to feel entertained in the end. If you doubt this, consider what the average TV celebrity famous. It is something that is uniquely in them. As such, you ought to establish an interesting personality that gives your audience all the fun and entertainment they want. 

3. Readers Like Rumors and Secrets

The most widely read blogs are those that report shocking facts and secrets. Even though this does not mean that you should circulate inaccurate information about people or things, make sure that your content always has something new for the reader. Note that you can be rightfully sued if you deliberately publish seditious or libelous misinformation that portrays others in unfavorable light. Nobody will think much about your work as a freelancer if you only include obvious details. Instead of creating fallacious claims that does not have any merit or accuracy, do a lot of research to ensure that you have an extra grasp of people and things that goes beyond the scope of the average reader. As a result, you need to understand the knowledge depth of your readers. Your content should always be tailored to suit the unique audience for which you write.

Now,let’s move on 5 methods to write better content.

5 Tips To Write Better Content

Write Better Content

Whether you are a blogger or simply a freelance writer, there is need to create high quality content if you want anyone to read them. Poorly written content is one of the areas where many bloggers go wrong and is probably why they can’t seem to get any visitors to their blogs. 

You see apart from making sure that you continuously create new posts, you not only need to make them enticing but sensible enough so readers can understand the point you are driving at. 

Write Better Content

1.Do A Research

Before you can write better content,make sure you have done the niche research properly. Firstly,you should do the keyword research to know what people are caring in your topics. Then you need to understand problems your audiences are having in their life and solutions. You always need to act like a teacher in your niche so as to build trust towards readers.
For example,if your topic is about muscle building,you should research about diet,food,exercise and frequently asked question. There’s no greater way to write better content than understanding the topic you market. With muscle building niche,you also need to research about whey protein,amino,pre-workout,BCAA,etc. Anyway,always research about your topics before you can actually write better content.

2. Come Up With The Topic

write better content

The first thing that attracts readers is the topic. If your headline is whack, you may not get any readers to your post at all. When deciding what topic suits your post, make sure that it interests you first. Don’t just come up with a topic for the sake of it.

Also talk to them,avoid presenting too much theory,non actionable tips. People don’t need that,they need something they can perform and take action immediately.

3. Create An Outline For Your Article

Once you spot an idea, it is now time to sit down and come up with a formula on how you are going to write it. Again, don’t wait until it’s time for writing as you may forget some ideas. To do this you’ll need to point out the main ideas on that topic followed by the sources where you got the ideas from. Start with the introduction followed by the body and finally the conclusion. If you do this, you can be sure that you won’t write anything outside the topic.

4. Get Your Facts Right

write better content

There is nothing as bad as an article that is based on the wrong facts. This point actually relates to my first point. Writers need to research their articles well to avoid misleading their readers. Yes people make mistakes but some just show that the writer did not put much effort in producing the article. Before including any facts in the article, confirm that it’s the truth. 

5. Revise Your Work

Human is to error but this shouldn’t be your excuse for posting an article with grammar and spelling errors. Such articles are a turn off and just leave one confused as to what the reader is trying to say. There are so many tools online that writers can use to proof read their work so that it is error free.

So there you have it, simple yet effective tips to write better content.

So,What’s Next

write better content
After posting article showing you how to write better content. I hope it’s useful enough for you to take action. And in order to take your content marketing to the next level,here are some training that i recommend to you. Basically,these are great training that do not only help you write better content but also gain massive ROI.


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In summary,i hope you can write better content for your own online bussiness after reading my methods. These strategies won’t help you make money overnight but it really helps you monetize consistently. Content is always king in any types of your online bussiness so that take time to improve your content marketing.


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