Zero Up Review and Demo-Powerful Ecommerce Automation Software

Product : Zero Up
Creator : Fred Lam (also the creator of IproLeads and founder of Ipro Academy)
Price : $1,497/one time or $597/3 times when bill monthly
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

  • Highly Recommended

Agree or not,Ecommerce is one of the best online bussiness whose potential’s income is certainly higher than affiliate. In addition,it’s friendly to all marketers and anyone can start immediately. Moreover,unlike Amazon FBA,Ecommerce doesn’t require you to touch a product you sell. It also doesn’t require complex law of tax and shipping to run a bussiness. However,if you come up with an idea that you can do it yourseft,you may bleed your budget. Therefore,investing in a software,a training (ecom success academy,digital cash academy) or both is highly recommended.
Fortunately,Zero Up is a software for Ecommerce and especially it does have some training to help you start from scratch. Additionally,Zero Up has direct integration with Shopify (your store), Aliexpress (your merchant) and various autoresponder softwares. It does offer landing page,funnel builder together with Done For You Themes and Templates. Now,let’s check out my Zero Up review so that you understand about this powerful software.

What Is Zero Up ?

Zero Up Software
At first,it’s an ecommerce automation software by Fred Lam to help you run your Shopify bussiness much easier. Fred Lam creates Zero Up to help anyone, even those with little prior experience or technical skills to create a flow-blown online store and sales funnel with just a few clicks of the button. It has fully integration with Shopify,Aliexpress and Autoresponders softwares such as Convertkit,Mailchimp,Getresponse,ec. In addition,Zero Up can help you add hundreds of products to your store, fulfill and track orders, and notify your customers automatically to eliminate tedious manual labor.
It also has drag and drop landing page and sales funnel builder to help you create pages and have them hosted directly on your store. Last but not least, there is a profit multiplier feature where it will keep your customers in the sales funnel longer and helps boost your average order value per sale. Once you buy Zero Up,you will get training from Fred Lam and even his personal coaching.

Who Is Zero Up For?

Zero Up Free Ebook

  • Complete newbie who want to start their ecommerce bussiness
  • Intermediate and Professional who especially want to scale up their profits
  • You are not finding a get rick quick scheme as well as running a business with low-effort
  • You want to import product and then sell it much faster
  • If you haven’t started any email marketing or Facebook Ads campaigns before
  • If you need a personal coaching from an expert
  • You can’t afford to buy Ecom Success Academy (my first Shopify training recommendation)
  • You are not living paycheck to paycheck (yes,ecommerce is not for those people)
  • Make sure that you understand that you can not always focus on Free Traffic

Main Features and How Zero Up Works

Zero Up Ecom Success Academy Free Ebook
At first,i recommend you to read the free ebook above,3 Steps To Build Your $20K/Day Ecommerce. Now,let’s see Zero Up in action. It’s a cloud-based software so that you don’t need to install anything,just simply login directly into your Shopify store and Zero Up account.
Zero Up Login Shopify
Zero Up account login
Once you login,this is the member’s dashboard.
Zero Up Member Dashboard
As i mentioned before,Zero Up has direct integration with Shopify so it can check your sale,order. After that,add your Shopify,Aliexpress and Facebook Account.
Zero Up add account
Just simply enter your Shopify Domains so as to integrate.
Zero Up Shopify Integration

1.Site Creation Wizard

Zero Up Free Webinar
The first thing to know about Zero Up is site creation wizard when it has a lots of Shopify themes. Therefore,no need to buy any theme outside.
Zero Up Site Creation Wizard
There are 10 themes in total but each themes will have its own templates for a specific niche. If you can notice,they are all profitable niches that Fred chose for you so that you just need to choose some of them.
Zero Up Theme For Niches
Then,choosing your Shopify’s Store Details.
Zero Up Shopify Store Details
Zero Up Shopify Store
And after you have published in Zero Up.
Zero Up Shopify Store Zero Up Shopify Store
Let’s look at an example of your add to cart page,product page.
Zero Up Sales Page
And Catalog Page.
Zero Up Catalog Page
This is where your Shopify store should look like after setting up with Zero Up.
Zero Up Shopify Store
In addition,Zero Up can automatically add some neccessary pages to help you gain trust towards your customers.

Product Engine

Zero Up Product Engine
The next feature of this powerful ecommerce automation software is Product Engine. In other words,it’s like you are sourcing products into your Shopify store. This is what you see at first in your Zero Up’s product engine.
Zero Up Product Engine
These are some example products in survival niches,a guarantee profitable niches experts are always recommending.
Zero Up Product Engine Survival Niches Zero Up Product Engine Survival Niches
Besides,if you like some of these,click on the button Add to vendor lists and then View it on Aliexpress.
Zero Up Add Products To Vendor List
As i mentioned above,Zero Up has direct integration with Aliexpress so that you can view that products immediately.
Zero Up Aliexpress Zero Up Aliexpress
Once you choose a product,add this into your Shopify store immediately. Zero Up can even write products detail for you.
Zero Up Adding Product
Remember,you have to do nothing but choosing a product,Zero Up has done it for you. Let’s preview a product on a Shopify store in real life.
Zero Up Product Preview

Fully Control and Automated Profit Multiplier

Zero Up FUlly Automated and Profit Multiplier
Now,let’s move to the next feature,Automated Profit Multiplier. It’s like you are customizing your Shopify store so as to boost conversion. To make you understnad how Zero Up works with this feature,i will click on Add-To-Cart for example.
Zero Up Add To Cart
Zero Up Add To Cart
Normally,when people go to this type of pages,not all of them will buy. However,a popup combines a discount offer will definitely increase conversion rate. And clearly,whenever i buy any product and i am procratinating,it offers a discount and i bought immediately. Fortunately,Zero Up allows you to implement that strategies in order to skyrocket conversions.
Zero Up Popup Discount Coupon
Configure your Profit Multiplier is easy,simply choose one of these and then apply to your Shopify Store.
Zero Up Profit Multiplier
Zero Up Profit Multiplier
Zero Up Profit Multiplier
Opps,video marketing works very effectively with Shopify so that you should consider add videos. With Shopify bussiness,you have to import multiple products,sooner or later,you should add. Zero Up allows you to embed others’s video or just add your own video presentation (checkout Doodly and EasyVSL).
Zero Up Profit Multiplier Image Zero Up Profit Multiplier Video Zero Up Profit Multiplier Video Preview
If you embed other’s video,please make sure that it is submitted to US content protector or has copyright law.
And lastly,import those elements to your Shopify Store.
Zero Up Import Video

Product Ideas and Facebook Spy Tools

Zero Up Product Ideas and Facebook Spy Tool
Now,let’s see the next feature of Zero Up,Product Ideas & Facebook Spy Tool. In other words,it’s like you are getting marketing ideas and traffic to your ecommerce store.
Zero Up Add Ideas Keyword Strategies
For instance,i will choose Just Pay Shipping with cat necklace product.
Zero Up Just Pay Shipping Advertising Strategy
And boom,there’s a list of marketing ideas of that products,amazing,right.
Zero Up Marketing Ideas Zero Up Marketing Ideas

100% Fulfilment Automation With Vendors

Zero Up 100% Fulfilment Automation With Vendors
The most important thing to do once you are in an ecommerce bussiness is to fulfillment your store. With Zero Up,some complex task will remove. For example,there’s a lot of products to fulfillment.
Zero Up Fulfillment
Then,login to your Aliexpress account and proceed your orders. With Shopify,you can sell a product that you don’t touch and with Zero Up,you can automate everything.
Zero Up Manage Order Zero Up Manage Order

Email Integration With Autoresponders

Zero Up Email Integration
In order to monetize your store for a long-term,you need to build an email list. Some training just teaches about Shopify and Facebook Ads but they forget building a list. Now,let’s see how to integrate your autoresponders and Zero Up.
Zero Up Autoresonder Integration Zero Up Autoresponder Integration
It has direct integration with Mailchimp,Getresponse,Convertkit,ec but i don’t see Icontact in this list,seriously. To integrate with Zero Up is easy,just need to copy your autoresponder code (API).
Zero Up Email Integration
After that,simply click Save and it will automatically connect. If you don’t use 11 autoresponders above,feel free to contact them for help.

Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder

Zero Up Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder
To build a massive list or increase sale rates,certainly you need to have a high converting landing page. There are three ways to do,create your own index.html file,outsource from freelancer (to get index.html) and buy a landing page creator. Clearly,index.html file requires some complex skills and if you outsource incorrectly or unwisely,they may rip you off. Buying a landing page creator is clearly the best option but it costs a lost. Clickfunnels,Instapage or Leadpages are the best services and they are all monthly subscription and pricey. Wpprofitbuilder,Instabuilder or LPM are more affordable but they are not a good option for Shopify store.
Fortunately,Fred Lam knows this so that he adds Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder inside Zero Up. Therefore,you don’t need to worry about Landing Page cost after you buy Zero Up.
Zero Up Landing Page
Simply choose one of them and then optimize as your own products correctly.
Zero Up Landing Page Customizing
Zero Up Landing Page Live Preview
After choosing your Landing Page template,the next thing to do is to add a product into that Landing Page.
Zero Up Add Product To Landing Page
Now,this is what you see next,Zero Up does offer Mobile Preview and Mobile Responsive.
Zero Up Product Landing Page
There’s a lot of elements for you to drag and drop as well as customize easily.
Zero Up Drag and Drop Elements Zero Up Drag and Drop Elements Zero Up Drag and Drop Elements

Drag and Drop Funnel Builder

The last feature of Zero Up is to help you create a funnel so as to monetize for a long-term. In other word,it’s like you are adding upsells,downsell or multiple landing pages to target one product. Don’t be overwhelmed,that’s what most internet marketing teachers are doing.
Zero Up Build A Funnel
Before setting up a funnel,you must have landing page first.
Zero Up Build A Funnel
This is an example of a good funnel,don’t let people completely exit if they don’t buy,make sure to impress them.
Zero Up Setting Up Funnel
And this is a funnel,when they click No,thanks,instead of just going,they will see another product.
Zero Up Funnel Zero Up Funnel
And that’s all feature you get at Zero Up with $1,497 one time purchase without any recurring fee.
In summary,these are all you get inside Zero Up.
Zero Up features Zero Up features Zero Up features Zero Up features Zero Up features Zero Up features

The Bonus Training At Zero Up

To make your life much easier,Fred Lam adds his bonus training so that a complete newbie can start. Ecommerce is friendly but you will lose your money if no one instructs you. Besides,he even offers a 1-on-1 personal training.
Look At The Training
Zero Up Training Modules
In my opinion,that’s enough for you to start from zero and then monetize your online store. Keep in mind,it’s not a get rick quick scheme,it’s a bussiness model to help you make money with effort and for a long-term.

Additional Bonuses From Fred

The bonus training above is 8 modules of Zero Up master program,but that’s not all.

1.Top 100 Fast Selling Products

They are the top 100 hot-selling products in your market with Facebook targeting ideas all researched for you. Therefore,you just need to cover the advertising,Facebook Ads.

2.Traffic Genius: Blueprint To Attracting Buyers

This is a step-by-step on how to get targeted traffic from Facebook, Bing, Google and more for just pennies on the dollar. You will also see his proven optimization strategies to scale your business.

3.Starting From Zero Bootcamp

This is where you can ask Fred whenever you need help. He will also act as your personal consultant to review your business and make sure you’re on track.

4.Personal Coaching With Fred

Presently,most people are looking for a mentor and personal coaching with experts. Normally,it costs you thousand dollars per month but you get it free if you buy Zero Up. It’s just like a Profit Plan B-No Student Left Behind as teachers from Inbox Blueprint,Email Domination Profit Cycle,Fanpage Domination are doing. If you can make sale within 60 days once you join Zero Up,he will review your bussiness and help you improve after that.
5.The Dynasty Club
Get behind-the-scene into Fred’s new 7-figure venture in 2017 to compete against leading-retailers. Plus, expand your store selection with our fully researched product reports. Each month for one full year, you will receive a list of 50 best-selling products in the market with Facebook targeting ideas all handed to you.
And that’s all the features,training and bonuses once you sign up with Zero Up. If you do a math,it may cost you 5 figures or even more. Hence joining Zero Up will save your time,money and energy,every of the research is done for you. They are not PLR contents,articles,images,ec, so that don’t worry.

Pros of Zero Up

  • Pretty Easy to use and to customize
  • Various Integration (include direct integration with Shopify and Aliexpress)
  • Drag and Drop Landing Page and Funnel Builder
  • Fulfillment your store in couple of minutes
  • Facebook Spy Tool (in order to copy exact successful campaigns)
  • Profit Multiplier
  • Step-by-Step training that especially helps you start from scratch
  • Teaching About Facebook Ads,Google Ads and Bing Ads
  • Real Life Case Studies From Experts
  • High Converting Themes and Templates works with various niches and markets
  • Done For You Products Research
  • They review your bussiness,campaigns
  • No Student and Customer Left Behind (rather than fake risk free or money back guarantee)
  • Monthly Access to Profitable Niches and Researchs
  • Personal Coaching From Fred Lam

Cons of Zero Up

  • They Don’t teach about Instagram Ads and Solo Ads (while Ecom Success Academy teaches Solo Ads)
  • Does Not Integrate With Icontact and Mailerlite (that’s a big cons)

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Zero Up is the ultimate ecommerce automation software that any internet marketers should have. It’s really easy to use and to build your funnel as well as your store. Best of all,you get access to the training inside Zero Up club so as to start from zero. In addition,they cover the traffic training plus bootcamp and personal review your bussiness. Besides,having a spy tool and done for you research will help you take action much faster without needing to outsource and to do the complex research. If you can’t make any sale within 60 days,feel free to claim a personal review from Fred. In my opinion,that’s a risk-free,not’s a fake 30 days or 60 days money back guarantee.

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