Zon Ninja Masterclass 2019 Review

Zon Ninja Masterclass Review From Real User-What’s New in 2019

Product : Zon Ninja Masterclass 2019

Creator : Kevin David (also the creator of Amazon FBA Ninja)

Price : It’s Now $1997.

Do I Recommend : Yes,but only for those who have budget. If you don’t have $2,000 or above,don’t buy Zon Ninjas Masterclass 2019. And i just recommend for those who take action,not for those who are looking for a get rick quick.

  • Recommended But Not For Everyone

Amazon FBA is currently one of the most profitable online business. When comparing with Dropshipping,there’s no store front cost and multiple Shopify App. Besides,it’s also a real business when comparing with affiliate marketing.
But you know,success with Amazon FBA is never an easy task. We know that Amazon is getting bigger and bigger but this doesn’t mean we earn bigger.

There’s a lot issue from people such as account suspension,selling wrong products,wrong prices and wrong advertisement strategy. That’s where Zon Ninja Masterclass 2019 comes in,which is one of the best Amazon FBA Course so far.

After taking time learning from the course and have some implementation myself,i very love Zon Ninja Masterclass and i want to share you my experience today.

What is Zon Ninja Masterclass 2019?

Zon Ninja Masterclass Review
At first,it’s an update training of Amazon FBA Ninja and it teaches you about Amazon FBA business. There are 8 main modules training that helps you master this business. As you know,this business has changed a lot and of course,the course update based on the changing.

Who is Zon Ninjas Masterclass For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • You don’t lack budget
  • Those who are not finding a get rick quick business
  • You have run Amazon FBA Business before but get stuck to earn
  • Those who will take action
  • And many more,…

The Training of Zon Ninja Masterclass

Now,i will show you the exact training of Zon Ninjas Masterclass 2019. There are 8 main modules for the course. When comparing with the 2017 version,this course is created based on New Amazon Updates and New Rules.

Module 1 : Product Research

Whenever you run any kind of online business or selling anything,success is first from the product you sell. The model of Amazon FBA Business is like you purchase inventory from Alibaba or China and then ship to Amazon Warehouse. After that,when people purchase your product,Amazon will manage that inventory and fulfil orders for you.

So before you ship products from Alibaba and/or China to Amazon Warehouse,you need to find winning products first.

In this module,he will teach you to use Viral Launch to do product research.

The price for Viral Launch is $59/month but don’t worry,you can cancel contract any time,don’t have to be long-term.

Besides product research,you also need to do your business setup.

He will explain you everything you need to know about Amazon FBA.

On the other hand,you’ll see how to create your Amazon Seller Central Account and setup with bank.

Now,let’s come back to Viral Launch. This is a product discovery with full analytics software.

As you can see,every research has full reliable Amazon Analytics.

Of course,he will show you what he research and the product in reality.

Besides,he also teaches you about the software Zon Keywords. As you know,keywords is where success comes from. It’s not SEO keyword research,it’s a Keyword Research for Amazon PPC and Niche Research.

The price of Zon Keywords is $149 or $249 per year. But as a premium member of Zon Ninja Masterclass,you’ll access his private coupon code. Therefore,price is $74.5 or $124.5 per year and you can also get 50% discount for monthly plan if you want. I won’t share the coupon code here.

So,in summary,you will do business Setup,Amazon Setup,Understanding Amazon FBA,Research product and Keywords with softwares.

Module 2 : Supplier and Shipping

After choosing your winning product,now,it’s time to find supplier and ship to Amazon Warehouse.

There are two main product sources such as Alibaba and 1688.

Just like dropshipping,you need to contact vendor and purchase multiple units of a product.

The process between doing product research and shipping is really fast in my opinion.

At this time,you have already narrowed your product opportunity list.

This will be your main inventory.

Besides,he instructs you to setup with ThomasNet and Seller Kai to ship product.

So,this will be the entire process of Module 2 from Zon Ninja Masterclass.

Buy Product,then ship to Amazon FBA Warehouse. Now,you can focus on the Listing and Optimization

Of course,you’ll need budget to buy inventory and then ship product (by Air or Sea)

Module 3 : Listing Optimization

This is a very important module of Zon Ninja Masterclass because this can increase your conversion.

To my opinion,this is simple for you to brainstorm for a Good Product Page Description.

For those who are new before joining Zon Ninja Masterclass,your inventory will have around 2-3 products. When you have actual success,you can scale to sell more products.

During the entire of this module,he shows you example good Amazon FBA campaigns.

Besides,you will setup Trademark for your product listing also.

In fact,according to Zon Ninja Masterclass,you are creating your own brands.

Most people when running an Amazon Business will want to rank their product listing.

This is where he helps you to optimize keywords to rank on Amazon Search.

On the other hand,you’ll learn how to setup a good product page.

For Image,he recommends you to have custom one instead of taking from Suppliers.

As you can see,as a characteristic of an Amazon Business,long description is the key to conversion.

And also the way to protect your account or what to do when you are about to stock out.

So,basically,this module helps you create a great product page that encourage people to buy.

Not just that,you are running a legitimate business.

Module 4 : Product Launch

When you sell product,product launch is the technique that helps you generate sales. With Amazon,normally review is money.

Right now,you’ll need to invest in a software,Zon Master. This app helps you automate process after customer purchase your product,then it will send email to them to ask them for a review.

Of course,the strategy here can help you benefit for a very long-term.

Besides,you have option to use ManyChat (free is still OK) to collect customer review.

And best of all,he has predone for you email templates for requesting review.

With Amazon FBA business,you don’t have to build an email list,these are just email for customer review after purchase.

Everything is automatic for you,just like a funnel. And besides,he provides you his Manychat templates for you to send customers. The new strategy you can use from him is to use Coupon Code.

Video ads is a strategy he mentions inside Zon Ninja Masterclass.

You can either get it free or outsource it,he has his recommended Fiverr Gig/Upwork Freelancer

Besides,you will use Listing-Dojo (can be free) to run split test and set probable price for products.

And lastly,Zon Ninja Masterclass teaches you how to use Clickfunnels. If you don’t want to buy Clickfunnels,it’s still OK to use other softwares. Besides,you can 1 click clone his funnel templates as a feature of Clickfunnels.

Pageoneify is additional service (totally optional) that helps you rank keywords organic.

Module 5 : Amazon PPC,Clickfunnels,Instagram and Facebook Ads

Traffic is a lifeblood of any online business and that’s not an except from Zon Ninja Masterclass. The course Zon Ninja Masterclass only teaches you about advertisement traffic,not free traffic.
In fact,if you want to success fast,you can’t focus in just SEO or Amazon Ranking.

So,you will need to prepare budget when running advertising campaigns.

With Amazon PPC,you’ll use keywords you extract from Zon Keywords.

And you will drive your PPC ads to product page,not landing page or funnel.

I recommend you to spend $5/day to test first and once it works,you can scale.

Besides Amazon PPC,you can use Facebook Ads.

And this time,you have 2 option : drive your ads to Amazon product page or Salespage.And he has lesson about Clickfunnels. But always keep in mind that you don’t have to buy Clickfunnels,it’s just a way to save you time.
Kevin has his pre-built Amazon Sales Funnel for Optin,Squeeze,Coupon Funnel and Salespage with his winning formula.

So the idea is to collect leads and expand your sales.

On Amazon,it’s normally called Viral Giveaways.

Instagram actually sync with FB,nothing really hard here.

Module 6 : Amazon Seller Central Hacks

Another important module from Kevin that you mustn’t miss.

The sixth module of Zon Ninja Masterclass discover about Amazon Seller Central. When you run an Amazon FBA Business,let’s face it,you are always at risk of suspension from Amazon.

So,this module helps you get account back after suspension in case you have issue with this.

Besides,sometimes you will need a virtual assistant or your A-Team.

You can have yourself or ousource it,this cost is optional to my opinion. Besides,he also instructs you to run FB Leads Ads and Messenger Ads.

At here,you can 1 click cloning with Many Chat (free to try)

7.Bonus Lesson

This is the last module from Zon Ninja Masterclass and it’s actually some customization. Firstly,it’s about Merch by Amazon,which is similar to Shopify Print on Demand.

And some apps that you can use to scale your business,beginners can skip this module.

When we sell FBA product,we normally target Us market but UK is profitable too.

In summary,this module is for scaling.

On the other hand,he also host a live training with Q&A to help you avoid mistakes and get success.

And that’s all you need to know before you buy Zon Ninja Masterclass. In fact,it’s worth the price $1,997 itself.

My Zon Ninja Masterclass Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you the correct understanding about Zon Ninja Masterclass, i have posted my own product review video about it. So before you buy the course Zon Ninja Masterclass, turn on your volume and watch this video first.

Budget Before Joining Zon Ninja Masterclass

Every business requires budget and this one is not an exception. Amazon FBA is not cheap and it requires you to have investment.

  • Viral Launch ($59/month) for product research and discovery : during the entire training,he shows you how to use this software
  • Zon Keywords ($74.5 year or $129.5/year) : this is for those who want to run Amazon PPC or Keyword Research
  • Zon Master ($9,99/month) : this help you collect product review after customer buy Amazon products from you
  • Clickfunnels (totally optional) : this budget actually a way to save you time because he has his funnel that you can 1 click cloning as a feature of Clickfunnels.
  • Inventory (Must have) : for those who start,you will need around $500-$1000 investment to buy from China and then ship to Amazon FBA warehouse
  • Adverisement ($1-5/day but not everyday) : the course shows you how to run Amazon PPC Ads and Facebook Ads

I have talked with Kevin and according to him,he always recommend his customers who invest from $1,000-$2,000. Once you have success,you can scale by selling more products.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Zon Ninja Masterclass through my link. Just simply buy through link on this page and then email me with your name and your purchase receipt. I will manually check and grant you access after that.

1.Two Accounts with Funnel Builder

If you don’t intend to buy Clickfunnels, it’s OK to purchase this one. You have a drag and drop page builder with premium hosting so that you don’t need to buy Clickfunnels.

2.Social Media Marketing Checklist

3.Canva Design Checklist

4.Facebook Marketing Made Easy

5.Instagram Marketing Made Easy

6.Viral Marketing Made Easy

Pros of Zon Ninja Masterclass

  • Real training and technique that works
  • Lesson to save yourself
  • Advanced Lessons about Product Launch and Traffic
  • Help We run a Legitimate Amazon Marketing Business
  • No WordPress or Niche Site Method

Cons of Zon Ninja Masterclass

  • Require A Lot Cost

Final Verdict

In summary, Zon Ninja Masterclass is one of the best Amazon FBA training on the internet. The training truly works and it helps you success with this business. Amazon FBA is huge now so that you can benefit from a small piece of it. If you are an action taker and you are not living paycheck to paycheck, Zon Ninja Masterclass is a big yes from me.

Mini FAQs

What is included inside Zon Ninja Masterclass 2020?

Amazon Ninja Masterclass is the all-out, A-Z blueprint for you to follow to reach inevitable Amazon FBA success. Inside you’ll find the 8 core modules filled with over 120+ in-depth video lessons and 5 unique bonuses. The content inside Amazon Ninjas Masterclass is guaranteed to take you the full 9-yards if you utilize your resources, take consistent action, and never give up. In other words: it’s all that you need to become a successful Amazon seller.

Is Amazon FBA Ninja For Beginners or Experts?

Trick question. Amazon Ninjas Masterclass is for everyone interested in Amazon FBA. There is a complete roadmap to take beginners all the way to making a full-time income and just as much content for the veterans to scale their business and perfect their techniques.

How Long do I Have Access to Amazon Zon Ninja Masterclass?

Once you get in, you have it for life! Every new bonus or piece of content that is introduced, you will have FREE access to it, as you ill already be an existing member. With that being said, the price could raise on you if you wait long enough, so hurry in and start hustling now for the cheapest price!

What if i have questions from Zon Ninja Masterclass?

No need to fear! You have direct access to a Facebook Group FULL of like minded individuals who may know the answer and if that doesn’t cut it, his team and Kevin are CONSTANTLY active inside just waiting to answer your questions and solve your problems. They’re here for your success, so any possible issue or roadblock will be addressed immediately

Can i purchase Amazon FBA Ninja or Zon Ninja Masterclass through Paypal?

Yes! PayPal is accepted. Basically, you have options to pay through Credit Card, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. Of course, they will plan to accept more payment processors.

Does Zon Ninja Masterclass offer Refund?

Yes, within 14 days of your purchase and you have viewed less than 40% of the course, then, you can request a refund. However, this is not a buy an try offer, you must state a valid reason.

Can i download Zon Ninja Masterclass for free?

The only way for you to do that is to become an affiliate and you must generate many sales so they can give you the course as a thank you (this has been noted on Mini-Course)

Can Amazon FBA Ninja Guarantee my Success?

Results are typical and it does require a lot works and extra investments. Therefore, if you are looking for a get rick quick scheme, then, the course is not for you.

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