Forex Trendy Review From User-Best Forex Trend Scanner For All Traders

Product : Forex Trendy
Price : $37 initial price and then $37/3 months ($12,3/month) and no upsell
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

  • Highly Recommended For All Traders

Forex is one of the best investments because it doesn’t requires much expenses and has massive profits. In addition,the daily revenue of forex brokers are up to thoudsands billion dollars. Therefore,we only need to take a small piece of it. However,it’s not easy,you need to buy/sell the right way and take profits/stop loss for each trade. In addition,you need to know how to determine the trend and draw pattern. Therefore,not many people succeed,they trade the wrong way and they lose their money. Besides basic foundations,you can also need a signals,robots and trend scanner.
Signals and Robots does require a lot of money and some of them requires skill,so that a trend scanner is a better option for inexperience. Forex Trendy is a high quality and affordable forex trend scanner that especially help you get profits for a long-term. Now,let’s check out my Forex Trendy review and demo so that you understand exactly about this application.

What Is Forex Trendy?
forex trendy ecover

At first,Forex Trendy is a forex trend scanner that helps you determine the trends of various pairs. As a result,you will know how to sell/buy to get maxiumum pips profits. It’s not an overnight product to help you get rick quick,it’s a product to help you trade for a long-term. In addition,it helps traders to increase their profitability regardless if they have their own trading style. Besides,you can not share this product like ebooks or downloadable softwares and no internet piracy here.

Who Is Forex Trendy For?
Forex Trendy Increase Profitability of Any System

  • Beginner to forex trading who don’t know what to do and where to start
  • Intermediate and Professional Traders who want to scale up their profits
  • If you have lost your money wastelessly and uselessly because of lacking skill
  • You hate guess work so that you want to find something real
  • You can’t afford to buy Forex Signal (forex scorpio code,ec) or Trading Robot (Wallstreet Forex Robot,Forex Combo System,Forex Trend Detector,Forex Diamond and Volatility Factor)
  • If you are not finding a get rick quick scheme,you are finding a tool for long-term
  • You can’t afford to invest in Stock,Cryptocurrency,Gold,National Debt,Payday Loan and Real Estate
  • If You don’t have enough budget to launch a store (Amazon Bootcamp,FBA Ninja,Ecom Success Academy) but still want to earn from home
  • You have your own trading styles but still want to see some others
  • You are busy and having a full-time job

Features and Member’s Area Inside Forex Trendy

Forex Trendy Reduce Unnecessary Losses
Now,i won’t waste your time anymore,let’s take a look at the member’s area of Forex Trendy. As i mentioned before,it’s not an ebook or downloadable software,you have to log in.
forex trendy member login
This is what you see once you login at Forex Trendy.
forex trendy dashboard
As you can see from the picture,nearly enough forex pairs and time frames. Of course,i do believe that you can’t trade all of those pairs and time frames. There are 34 forex pairs and 9 time frames,hence there are up to 306 charts .In addition,Forex Trendy can also alert you based on what you edit.


For example,i will go on Trends vertical.
forex trendy trends
For example,we will have a look at NZD/USH with hourly time frames,just click on the blue text More.
forex trendy NZD/USD hourly trends
Amazing,right,it can calculate how a pair changes and especially the pips. Very clearly,it’s on the down trend.
Forex Trendy Downtrend
What does it mean,well,actually,this is a normal movement of price in the current trend.
forex trendy trends movement
Firstly,draw a trend,the up trend or downtrend. Secondly,calculate the pips. For instance,0.7567 and 0.7544 is 67 minus 44,the pip will be 23. Look at the whole chart,if it is 96.6,the trend drawdown will be 23/96.6 equals 24 per cent. The lower trend drawdown,the more reliable trend,the greater success rate and especially the more consistent profit.
However,nothing can guarantee your success and so does Forex Trendy. Inexperienced traders will not put stop loss,but it’s dangerous,this will burn out their balance. The stop loss should be greater than trend drawdown,according to Forex Trendy,they have a formula. Stop Loss is 1.5 multiple with trend drawdown,in this case,it is 23 x 1.5 equals 34.5. So,the stop loss should be at least 34.5. Notes: if the trend drawdown is lower than 10 per cent,certainly you are in the goldmine,get it.


Forex Trendy Banner trending pair
Inexperience traders don’t know how to draw trend line as well as what to do next.
Forex Trendy Pattern
When we click on Pattern vertical,you you see a list of forex pairs and some types of trend lines.
Forex Trendy Patterns
For example,i will choose the triangle pattern of EUR/CHF M15.
Forex Trendy Triangle Patterns
Now,let’s take a look at Flag Pattern.
Forex Trendy Flat Pattern
And the last one,Falling Wedge.
Forex Trendy Falling Wedge Pattern
The most important of this features is the trading target.
Forex Trendy Pattern
If the chart is in the uptrend,place a Buy/Stop Above the upper trend line and then place to Stop Loss below the trend line. In contrast,just do the opposite with downtrend.

Email Alert

Forex Trendy Email Alert
Forex Trendy will alert you by email once something special happen. With forex trading,patience is the key,however,not all people can trade full-time.

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Pros of Forex Trendy

Forex Trendy 34 forex pairs and all time frames

  • Affordable Price
  • Not A Complex Download Software or Application
  • Up To 34 pairs and 306 charts
  • It’s Easy To Use and To Implement
  • Real Product That Helps You Take Profits For A Long-Term
  • Email Alert (for full-time job and busy)
  • Can Adopt Various Trading Styles

Cons of Forex Trendy

  • Can be Overwhelming for complete newbie
  • Doesn’t Scan Cryptocurrency (really)

If you are a complete beginner,i recommend you to have some basic foundation first before using this tool. Although Forex Trendy is easy to use,i think you need some basic information first and scale up by this tool. Check out Forex Mentor Pro.

Final Verdict

In summary,Forex Trendy is one of the best forex trend scanners that i have ever seen. It’s really easy to use,to manage that helps you order as well as take profits/stop loss the right way. Additionally,it’s highly affordable (just $12,3/month) and you get up to 306 forex charts. Certainly,i highly recommend this tool to all traders who want to get maximum profits for a long-term.

Get This Amazing Forex Trend Scanner Now

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