Thumbnail Blaster Review from Real User-Boost Traffic with Clickbait Thumbnail

83 / 100 SEO Score

Product : Thumbnail Blaster

Creator : Vlad and Stoica (also the creator of LEB,VSB,VMB and Lingo Blaster)

Price : $37

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes


Youtube video is presently one of the best and hottest traffic on the internet. To get real traffic and make money from Youtube,you ‘ll need to get good view and CTR.

No matter how good your video is,if you don’t have clickbait thumbnail,it’s hard to attract people to click your video.So,before you try to rank any video,you should have a clickbait thumbnail first.

But guy,outsourcing freelance is not a cool idea and it can waste your money. It’s better to create it yourselfs. Today,i will introduce you a powerful thumbnail creator,Thumbnail Blaster.

After buying the software,benefit from it,i would say Thumbnail Blaster is a must have software for internet marketer. Let’s read my entire Thumbnail Blaster review so that you understand how it works.

What is Thumbnail Blaster?

Thumbnail Blaster Review

Thumbnail Blaster Review

Who is Thumbnail Blaster For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Of course,Youtube Marketer who want more free Traffic and View Rate
  • Especically for Agency and Local Business
  • You don’t intend to outsource thumbnail outside
  • And a lot more,..

Main Features and Demo of Thumbnail Blaster

Now,i will show you exactly how Thumbnail Blaster works. This is the member’s area once you login.

With the FE account,you have direct access to 5 Youtube Channels. Of course,you can remove access and grant access anytime you want. Before creating any Youtube thumbnail,you can choose with No Video or create directly with your existing video.

1.Template of Thumbnail Blaster

With the FE account,you will have access to over 100 templates vary from multiple niches.

When comparing with Canva,this one is better built-in to be a Clickbait Thumbnail.

Recently,my Youtube view rate has increased a lot,no joke.

2.Thumbnail Editor

Here’s where you can start designing your thumbnail templates.

As a graphic design,you can drag & drop elements. With video,it can generate details faster.

As you can see,you can either use images from Pixabay or upload from your own computer.

You can also add Font Text to make it a viral thumbnail.

Here’s an example for me,in fact,it’s more likely clickbait then the original thumbnail.

After that,you can Save to Computer or 1 Clikc Publishing to Youtube.

3.AI Image Analyzer

This will show you whether it recommends the thumbnail or not.

4.Split Test Thumbnail

In order to know which one got better CTR,you can split test thumbnail.

Choose a video from your channel and choose Thumbnail you want to split test.

And done,within hours,you will know which one got better CTR. That’s all you need to understand before you buy Thumbnail Blaster. In fact,it’s worth every single penny we are paying.

My Thumbnail Blaster Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you a correct understanding about Thumbnail Blaster,i have recorded a full walkthrogh demo video about it. So before you buy the software,turn on your volume and then watch these videos first.

Funnels of Thumbnail Blaster

All products have upsells and so does this one. But buying or not,the choice is ultimately yours.

Agency here means you can create and post thumbnail for your clients. This is for those who want to make money as a freelance,local business,video SEO Agency,Graphic Agency,Traffic Agency,etc.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you get Thumbnail Blaster through my link. This product is sold on W+ so that after you buy,you’ll get immediate download link.

Thumbnail Blaster Bonus

Pros of Thumbnail Blaster

  • Easy to use and manage
  • 1 Click Posting Youtube Thumbnail
  • Over 100 Gorgous Templates Built-in
  • Drag & Drop Image Editor

Cons of Thumbnail Blaster

  • A lot upgrades
  • Full Benefits are only from Upsells

Final Verdict

In summary,Thumbnail Blaster is the true must have software for internet marketer. Thanks to the help of clickbait thumbnail,you can easily get more traffic and view rates. Therefore,you no longer need to use Canva or wasting budget hiring a freelancer. I use Thumbnail Blaster and it helps my Channel a lot and i will mark it as a big yes from Experts.




























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